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Life is Like Riding a Bicycle

René was in the final stages of submitting his manuscript to Balboa Press when his mom, who was his biggest cheerleader about his book, passed away suddenly from a massive stroke. While her death had a major impact on René’s efforts to complete his book, he applied his own advice, using the tips that he mentions in this book to “keep pedaling” towards his dreams and goals.


Whether you’re reeling from a setback that threatens your dream… or trying to figure out how to keep focused on that dream… or wondering what to do about those friends who say you can’t succeed… or even if you lack purpose and simply want to find your passion… take advantage of René’s experience. Delivered in a warm, conversational style, his stories can show you that you aren’t alone. That you have what it takes to live a fulfilling life. The stories, along with tips at the end of each chapter, will help the reader move beyond obstacles that may be holding them back.